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Pastor Anita Jackson

Pastor Anita Jackson was married to Bishop Getties L. Jackson, Sr. on January 29, 1983. As a First Lady, Pastor Anita is devoted to promoting a clear understanding and relevant application of Scripture in order to bring about changes in urban communities by teaching Kingdom of God principles in a way that even a child can understand. Assisting her husband she is chosen by the Lord to help bring forth a vision through Kingdom Assembly Outreach Center. Pastor Anita and her husband founded Kingdom Assembly Outreach Center, (Formally known as United Christian Ministries) which began in March of 1997.


First Lady Anita Jackson is a devoted wife, mother, and chosen by God to stand with her husband Bishop Getties Jackson Sr. First Lady Anita Jackson is an ordained Pastor and a chosen vessel to minister in the lives of women and many others.


First Lady always counts it as a privilege and an honor to stand and live for God. She stays holy and remains true, "If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow me", (Luke 9:23). She follows this life verse everyday for Jesus.


Pastor De' Anita Frye Jackson is a graduate of Chapman HighSchool. She played basketball, and ran track for four years, and was fortunate to go to state and upper state. Also she was an assistant coach for junior Olympics in North Carolina, Assistant coach T-ball with her husband, and Coach for Green Creek Hornet Cheerleading Team in North Carolina. Coming out of high school she got married to BIshop Getties L. Jackson Sr. and had three wonderful children. Getties Jr., Angelica, and Crystal. Pastor Anita was a stay at home mom and taught her children the values of life, and most importantly God. She taught her children to live for God and to always place Him at the center of their life. Pastor Anita is talented and gifted in many areas. She doesn't mind in being a hard worker in everything she does. She has been a seamstress for over 25 years including being employed at Tanner's in ladies outlet to produce fabulous fashions. She was employed at several department stores such as Rich's now known as Macy's, as a handbag specialist, Liz Claiborne Consultant for four and a half years. Pastor Anita is also certified through the YMCA as a Cardio and Step Aerobics Instructor and a Healthy Lifestyle Principles Instructor, and group exercise foundations.


Pastor Anita is known to teach and preach God's word. PastorAnita has been saved for 23 years and strong for Jesus. She has been certified through MasterLife 1 and 2, produced by Church Training Department of the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1991.


To Pastor Anita Jackson, being a First Lady means to be real as a woman. In the book of Psalms 139:14, "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.' As a woman she realizes that God made women unique. As a woman, we have to walk in uniqueness for Christ. The key thing is abiding in Christ because in John chapter 15 it talks about abiding in Him, because when you abide in him and live for him, everything else is added unto you. When she talks about added that means favor, more than enough until it overflows, because of Matthew 6:33, 'Seeking first the Kingdom of God.'

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